Defensive Shotgun 1 - Simm

photo of shotgun with shells

Introduction to the defensive shotgun using unique Simmunition rounds in place of live fire.

Designed for the novice using unique "Simmunition" to introduce new shooters to use of the defensive shotgun without live fire. Same material as Defensive Shotgun 1, but with Simm rounds and all materials provided.

The shotgun is the most formidable weapon available to the public for self defense; in it’s niche, nothing ends a threat more quickly. Class will discuss the strengths and limits of the shotgun, proper load selection, patterning, penetration concerns, accessories, and more. Students will learn techniques to control recoil, proper manipulation, and use in contact distances. Simm rounds, eye protection, all material supplied. Course can be run off range, email for requirements. Simmuntion, shotgun rental, eye protection, all materials provided.

Four hour course, $175

John Richardson