Target hardening works

Defense is not just about firepower - think broadly

Armed man attempted to force entry into a Jewish primary school

Memphis school shooting plot thwarted: Police prevent 'potential mass shooting' outside Margolin Hebrew Academy, authorities say - ABC13 Houston

Defense is not just about fire power; the ability to deter attacks is just as important. An event occurred on Monday (7/31/23) where an armed man attempted to force entry into a Jewish primary school. While he made entry through the outer doors into the vestibule, the locked (inner) doors and other security measures appear to have prevented him from entering into the facility and harming anyone. He then left the area after firing his weapon. Officers engaged the suspect some distance away where he allegedly brandished a handgun and was shot by officers.

While we are still learning about the motives and other information regarding this incident, we can extract some critical information immediately. What is apparent is a clearly armed man (see image) entered into a known ‘gun free zone’ expecting little resistance. When he encountered a locked facility and could not enter, he allegedly fired his weapon and fled. This is ideal.

If we are able to deter an attack, everyone wins. Apply this concept to your own life; most importantly, secure your homes. Lock your vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings. Make yourself a less attractive target to an assault, and if an assault happens then have mitigation steps in place. If those steps fail, be prepared to defend yourself. What steps are effective? Check our classes and come see why First Circle Safety teaches a comprehensive approach to safety.

- John Richardson

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